Independent Winemakers – the expression of the terroir


For more than 20 years,Christine and Dominique Morelhave sought to produce authentic wines with a strong aromatic expression of the terroir.


The Culture of the Vine

Domaine de Gry-Sablon - The Culture of the Vine Domaine de Gry-Sablon - The Culture of the Vine

The estate’s vineyards are spread across 8 villages in the Beaujolais winemaking area.

The majority of our vineyards are on hillsides, some even on very steep slopes. Vineyards planted in water drainage channels are maintained and meticulously tended every year to prevent erosion.

In these vineyards, all farm work is done by hand.

Tillage or cover crops are used in vineyards where mechanization is possible. The vineyard is managed using sustainable pest control methods and everything is done to stimulate the natural defenses of the vines.

Particular attention is paid to controlling yields, either by short pruning, disbudding or green harvesting.

Across the estate, all harvesting is done by hand, and all the grapes take a turn on the sorting table before arriving at the winery.


Our motto: Make superb grapes into wine, while respecting the singularity of the terroirs.

Using our modern stainless steel vats with precise temperature control, we can process grapes that have been completely or partially destemmed without adding any sulfites.

Our grapes are fermented slowly using natural local yeasts.

Our participation in the process is limited to monitoring the progress of the Beaujolais winemaking process with extreme care, and circulating the juices from the bottom of the vat up to the surface to perfect the extraction of the color and the tannins.

The time required for maceration varies from 4 days for Beaujolais Nouveau wines to over 15 days for wines with great aging potential.

Domaine de Gry-Sablon - Winemaking Domaine de Gry-Sablon - Winemaking

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